Empowerment Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Despite the existence of laws specifically designed to provide a cause of action for employees who make complaints about work practices that they reasonably believe are discriminatory and/or sexually harassing, the majority of employees will not complain. Most will not report discrimination or harassment to management and, if at all possible, will avoid voluntarily testifying… Continue Reading

The Impact of Gender Norms on Male Victimization


By: Christa St. George .. The issue of sexual harassment is predominantly considered a gender-specific issue. Given that women constitute more than half of sexual harassment victims, many regard sexual harassment as a form of discrimination against women, rather than an issue faced by both men and women.  … While it is important to recognize the… Continue Reading

Harassment Hotline: L.A. Attempts to Combat Sexual Harassment on Transit


By: Olivia Wiebe Sexual harassment on public transportation plagues many residents in large metropolitan areas. Harassment on public transit includes unwanted touching or remarks, public lewdness, and taking of photos and videos without consent. Numerous studies show the prominence of unwanted behavior towards women and girls on busses and metros around the world. For instance:… Continue Reading

UW Microbiology Professor Violated Sexual Harassment Policy


  An internal investigation by the University of Washington concluded last January that Professor Michael Katze had violated the school’s sexual harassment policy in his relationships with two female employees. Further, an inquiry by the medical school found that Katze had used university funds for personal gain and requested an audit. Katze’s tenure rights were… Continue Reading

Sexual Harassment on California Campuses: Working Towards a Solution


By: Olivia Wiebe Sexual harassment on college campuses is an issue that is often overlooked, especially when compared to sexual assault, which is perceived to be a much more “serious” concern. However, data from national studies and incidents at several schools in California confirm both the prevalence of campus harassment and its undoubtedly harmful effects…. Continue Reading

The Myth About Physical Attractiveness


By: Christa St. George Sexual harassment and assaults are based on two things: power and control. Unfortunately, there is a cultural phenomenon in which sexual assaults are considered to be sexually motivated, particularly in cases where the victim is physically attractive.  Take, for example, the numerous stories of women coming forward as Donald Trump’s sexual harassment victims…. Continue Reading

Charter School Leader Sued For Sexual Harassment


Charter school leader Dennis Francione is facing sexual harassment charges in Federal Court. Plaintiff Jennifer Bulling filed suit last week against Francione and the school after having been dismissed from her position as administrator, following her complaint to the board of trustees regarding inappropriate comments made to her by Francione. Click the link below to… Continue Reading

What Does ‘Hostile Work Environment’ Actually Mean?


By: Olivia Gee In 1986 Mechelle Vinson, a bank teller employed by Meritor Savings Bank, accused her manager (who was also the vice president of the company) of continual sexual harassment. At trial, the District Court found that Vinson was not the victim of sexual harassment or sexual discrimination while employed at the bank. However,… Continue Reading

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